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It has been awhile


It has been awhile since my last post. A lot has happened with my art! In December I participated in a month long show at the Agora Gallery in New York. My fiancé and I traveled there with some family and friends for opening night. What a wonderful experience in a wonderful city. And we all enjoyed… read more.

I have been given a wonderful opportunity. I was contacted by Trevisan International Art  in Bologna Italy regarding my art. They had saw my website and were interested in my work. I was asked to participate in a show called Variations from November 16 through the 28th. I had to create 4 8x8… read more.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend. I needed a headshot picture for my art websites. It seems people like to know what you look like. I had seen an ad for a new photographer in our up and coming downtown area. They were advertising avatar sessions which was exactly what I was looking… read more.